A Little Life Lesson In Self Trust


Trusting In You Makes It Easier to Trust In Someone Else

I had a conversation with someone recently who mentioned she was not “trusting” people anymore.

That conversation was on my mind when I went out to run some errands later in the day.

An everyday incident happened and made me think, “Wow, I don’t know that guy but I absolutely trusted him with my very life, in that moment!”

Here’s what happened…

I was sitting at a green light of a very busy intersection. I had creeped my car into the intersection quite a bit to make a left turn. Oncoming cars were waiting to make their left hand turn as well.

With the oncoming traffic coming fast, I kept creeping further into the intersection. But I couldn’t see past the large tall truck that was facing me waiting to make his left turn. I was inching forward but didn’t dare make that left turn until I knew the coast was clear.confused-signals-of-trust

My eyes met that of that truck driver across from me, and I could see he was watching in his rearview mirror. He signaled me with his hand to go ahead and turn–and the way he motioned quickly indicated, I better be quick about it too!

In that moment, I trusted him to give me good guidance. He could see the cars coming at me while I could not. I had a choice to make. I could sit, wait until I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I wasn’t going to get plowed into by another oncoming car, or…

I could trust the truck driver, frantically waving for me to Go! Go! Go!

No, I couldn’t hear him but I knew he was saying GO!

So… I went! I made my left hand turn and did so safely. He was right, I had about 3 car lengths open to make my turn before I risked getting hit.


In that split second, I trusted a total stranger with my life. If you drive much, you may have experienced something similar before.

I trusted him, I trusted his judgement. I trusted that man and I will, more than likely, never see him again – ever!

Not sure why I shared this story with you, but I think there is some wisdom in there somewhere.


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