7 Steps of Clarity for Building Your Home-Based Business

Clarity about your Business is absolutely essential to increase your results and ensure your business success. Today we are going to go through the 7 Steps of Clarity for Building Your Home-Based Business.
1)      Develop You: Many new entrepreneurs will begin to study their business model, become immersed in product ingredients and the compensation plan, all of which is very important however those things are NOT as important as your personal development. Improve you and everything related to your business will improve as well. Become a better person by plugging into self improvement books, audios and videos. Strive to improve your ways of thinking, acting and being.


2)      Increase your prosperity consciousness: Money is available to you, me, everyone and it is constantly circulating and changing hands by the minute. Begin believing that there is a bundle of money out there waiting for you, visualize it, mentally feel its effect on you and develop an emotional connection with your soon-to-be increased finances. If you have become accustomed to struggling then “believing” money is easy to come by, may be difficult initially.

Keep at it and keep believing in your abundance. Watch for clues, signs and leads of prosperity; see a penny? Pick it up, take a moment and thank the divine for your financial windfall – a penny is a hint of the coming attraction! Always think increase and do your best to squash thoughts and talk of lack.


3)      Set Your Intentions: “You get what you expect” so expect good things to come to you every single day. Expect your business to succeed and set your intention to achieve! Have a target (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly) and strive to hit it with every bit of enthusiasm you have within you. Don’t settle, excel! Keep mentally and physically reaching for the best out of yourself. Whatever you expect to happen is determined by the thoughts you focus upon in addition to the intensity of the emotions behind those thoughts.


4)      Create Better Opportunities: Take the time to meet new people, go to new places and see new things; change your perspective as often as possible. Prosperous, successful people place themselves in situations that enable them to be noticed and surrounded by the “right people.” Make connections with people whom are moving in the same direction as you, in other words, their moving forward in life! Network and connect with prosperous, business-minded, influential people. Reach out on the social media sites, check out networking events in your local area and attend Chamber of Commerce mixers often. Become visible as much as possible, shine your light and make some new mutually-beneficial contacts.


5)      Remember to Stay Focused: Distractions are all over the place and they can disguise themselves as priorities so it’s important for you to develop the skills for determining the difference between the two. A priority is a “must do” because it will effect some major aspect of your life and a distraction is a nuisance, something you “feel” you have to address immediately but could probably wait because it isn’t going to impact your life much come tomorrow.

Be a priority manager and avoid the distractions or at the very least, learn to recognize them for what they really are; time wasters, thieves of your dreams and goals! When you learn to focus on the “task at hand,” and become diligent about how and where you spend your time, you will dramatically increase your odds for business success.


6)      Own It: This is not only your business but it is your life – YOUR LIFE and I emphasized those words for a reason because you are the shining star of this life series and it’s yours to create for you! Place you first in the daily list of to do’s. Your business, your life and you’re the boss so put your bossy pants on and take control. Don’t defer your personal power to anyone else and when it comes to running your business, unless you have a business partnership of some kind, this is your baby so treat it as such. Make decisions, choices and moves that are best for your business and then best for you. Do what’s best for your business first – take care of your business always and eventually, the business will be in a position to take care of you.


A)    Set business hours & stick to them

B)    Keep your appointments, no flaking out

C)    Don’t buy toys and gadgets before you purchase your business tools & equipment

D)    Hire a good accountant or book keeper

E)     Delegate household chores & other task in order to free up time for your business


7)      Never Give Up: This step seems rather obvious, how can you create business success if you quit the business?  I have personally coached, by phone or in person, nearly 2000

People and you may be surprised by how many of those people seriously considered quitting and throwing in the towel and giving up on their entrepreneurial endeavor. When the going gets tough. Your commitment is the key to long-term victory. As a visionary and business owner, in it for the long haul, you commit to the goal and to hitting the target you set for yourself.

It’s going to be tough at times and you’re going to feel discouraged but that doesn’t mean you quit! It simply means you must dig deeper, stay the course, adjust your sails if need be but you don’t quit! For all you know, you could be three feet from gold, and you’ll never reap the re-wards for all of the blood, sweat and tears you already exerted and you certainly won’t know the exhilaration of crossing the finish line if you give up.


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