Believe in You!

Believe in YOU.

Look at everything you’ve been through & you’re still here, good attitude & all – You’re a winner, never let anyone take that away from you.

There will be times in your life, you’ll feel as though you’re all alone, deserted by friends, maybe even by your family. It’s times like these, the times of loneliness and disappointment, that you’re going to have to dig deep within yourself and recommit, reconnect with the greatness that lies within you.

I remember times of deep disappointment, people who I thought I could depend upon, always and forever, had walked away, either by choice or because of circumstances.

Those were the times, I became stronger, more focused and self dependent because at the end of the day, “you have you,” and perhaps, not much else.


One such time, I was sitting in a 7000 square feet fishing resort, in the middle of B.C. Canada. The wind was howling outside, my electricity had been off for days and I hadn’t seen another human for 8 days. I was blessed to have my sweet black Labrador, named Sadie, with me. She was my constant companion but other than her, I was alone. It was both a freeing feeling and scary as hell, to know that nobody was coming to check on me, if they were, it would have to be by airplane or boat and with the weather as bad as it was, no one was going to show up. Thankfully, my phone worked intermittently so I still had clients to talk to and a few friends and family, it was still a bit surreal.

B.C Canada

The point of my story is this; there came a time that instead of resisting the solitude, I embraced it and in that “letting go” of all control, I found a peace that I hadn’t expected to experience. The peace also led to me feeling very capable and strong. After 11 days without seeing another human being, 10 days without electricity, I knew that if I had to go another 10 days, I’d be fine.

My time was well spent; I read books, I wrote articles and I mediated and I took walks when the heavy rain and winds let up.

Believing in you, is quite possibly, the greatest gift you can give yourself. When you venture out, as I did, to do something no one else I knew was doing, or had done…

Here I was, a single woman, buying a million dollar remote property, in a foreign country and then toughing it out when things got scary.

Don’t ever allow anyone, be that a parent, friend, boss, spouse or an ex, convince you that you’re not a winner because as long as you believe in you, you’ll always be okay in life!

Believe in YOU.

Lisa B.C Canada 2003

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2 comments on “Believe in You!
  1. June Kellogg says:

    Hey Lisa,

    Thanks a bunch for this email “especially”… I’m not in a kayak in another county in a remote location, although I feel as though I am.

    AND I am alone with “Rolls Royce” my AmStaff Terrier, in Pittstown, NJ feeling the same way with electricity 🙂

    It truly is time for a NEW beginning and I writing, reading,studying and up for the challenge.

    REALLY great, thanks for sharing !!!

    Love Like Glitter,

    June Kellogg

    • Lisa says:

      June, thanks for your note!

      You’re always moving forward in a positive way, I love that about you!! 🙂

      Cheers to new beginnings and bright lights!!

      xxx Lisa

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