Are You A Digger?

Gold digger

Today I was thinking about the difference between someone who is willing to “dig” for the gold and someone else who is waiting for the gold dust and nuggets to come to the surface without having to get dirty and sweaty in the process of retrieving them.


People often ask me if I got discouraged when I was struggling to build my home based business and the answer is, absolutely! Discouragement for me meant that I also became more determined, focused and motivated to achieve success and I was not willing to accept the struggle as part of my reality for very long.


Gold diggerI’m a digger; I’ll dig and dig until I get some where, any where but failure or disappointment!

If you point me in the direction of the gold and tell me it’s out there, go dig for it, I will.

Are you a digger?

Some people think their diggers but their not. Some people don’t want to get dirty and tired and thirsty while digging, will you?


What I eventually came to realize is that the digging was more of an internal process and not so much an actual event. In other words, when times were tough I had to dig deep inside of myself for my strengths, the fire within my belly was actually what I was digging for.


All of us can justify that it’s not fair that we have to dig more than others or that it isn’t reasonable for the Universe to expect us to dig for months or even years in order to achieve our dreams. We make excuses and complain about feeling like a victim or we become angry and resentful because the pathway to the gold is littered with pot holes, obstacles and often times, real quick sand and other dangers.


We want the gold… however we don’t want to get dirty and dusty during the excavation process.


How did I eventually find the gold and still manage to locate fresh sources all these years later? I keep digging! When times are tough, I dig. When the world seems to be against me, I dig harder and faster. Just when I want to quit and feel that I can’t go on another day, I dig.


Dad and Mom didn’t give my brothers and I everything we wanted, they made us work for it. Often times, my parents didn’t have any extra money for clothing or niceties for us children, if we wanted something, we dug and found a way to get it for ourselves by-way of shoveling snow out of driveways or babysitting on weekends and cutting firewood for our neighbors.


Whatever it took to achieve the desired outcome that is the attitude that was instilled in me by my parents. I wished, at the time, that my folks would have made it easier on me and now I am so grateful that they didn’t because they taught me one of lives most important lessons…how to keep going when you really want to quit!


Another lesson we learned, was that if we truly desired to obtain something, such as, a new outfit, a trip to the mountains with friends or a day of shopping at the mall in Anchorage, it was up to us to figure out how we were going to have the money or resources to make it happen. If it is to be, it is definitely up to me!


So, I learned how to dig and I’m still digging today because all these years later, no one is handing me the gold on a silver platter. I still get dirty and tired sometimes but now I realize that the payoff isn’t reaching the mother lode, it’s the person I have become in the process. My pay off is knowing, I’m a winner and it isn’t because I have more gold than the other guy, it’s because I am willing to dig for it in the first place!

 How about you, are you a digger?


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Until we meet again – I believe in you!



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