Life Sucks And Then You Come To Terms With It

I know, right?

You’re thinking, “Lisa, the eternal optimist  just said that life sucks and that I should come to terms with it.”

True however…

I think that coming to terms with the fact, that life does indeed suck at times, doesn’t mean that we settle or that we give up. It simply means that we acknowledge the crap in life and we pursue our dreams, goals, and ideals, in spite of the knowing that there will be times that we feel beat up by life!

OMG if I had a $1 for every time one of my coaching clients told me that “as soon as I earn ten thousand dollars per month, my troubles will be over.”

Bad News Bear – Earning ten thousand dollars per month or even fifty thousand dollars per month, will NOT and I repeat, NOT make all of your problems go away!

I know, trust me, I was disappointed to finally come to a place of understanding that money truly doesn’t resolve all of life’s challenges. Now don’t get me wrong, money certainly helps life to become easier, in many ways but it doesn’t make every issue magically disappear.

For instance, no matter how much money you have, you’ll still have to deal with ignorant and disrespectful people.  Heck yes, for real, some of those very people will begin to ask to “borrow” money from you…  After all, you did “get lucky” right? (heavy sarcasm)

I remember the days when I used to think money solved all worries; then I fell in love and discovered my love wasn’t exactly reciprocated, without financial strings being attached; meaning that “as long as I was buying, he was in love!”


People who have big money still get sick, with incurable diseases and many die, with their fat bank account intact.

So, let me get back on track here, I seemed to have digressed a little.

Remember that song by Lynn Anderson, “I beg Your Pardon, I never Promised You A Rose Garden?”

Yeah, well, there ya go, life is messy, it’s complicated and it really does suck sometimes.

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

Is it any wonder that so many people have to go through life heavily sedated or at least very medicated?

There’s a solution though and I know that I just heard you shout, “Thank God!”

Yes indeed, thank God because we have the ability to dream, imagine, visualize a bright and beautiful future for ourselves and then we get to pursue that vision with all our might.

To clarify, how do we make life suck less and create a bit of satisfaction and happiness for ourselves? We pursue a goal or a dream! Basically, we must have a purpose in life, in order to have a fulfilling life of happiness and peace of mind.

Coming to terms with the fact that life isn’t always fair, and that it truly can be difficult, unrelenting and more of a struggle at times, than it seems worth it, opens the space of possibility thinking because you are “going in” with your eyes wide open!

When you’re prepared, you can see the big picture, create a roadmap for success and prepare for the obstacles BEFORE they get to you.

Life Sucks And Then You Come To Terms With It!

Follow your passion, stay on purpose and never, ever give up…

Life, it’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it!

Life Sucks and Then You Come to Terms With It


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