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It’s Here – A Brand New, Energetic, Thought Provoking, Uplifting – Radio Show!!

“Living On The Edge With Lisa Kitter”

My new weekly podcast is launching and I’m really excited about it! Join me weekly Every Thursday at 11:00AM(PST)/2:00PM(EST) and get inspired!

My daily topics will be positive; all about life and the pursuit of doing our best, to be on our purpose, while dealing with the day-to-day nonsense!

It will be a sassy show (cause I’m always sassy) and a show both men & women will benefit from.

We’ll talk about business, success tips, travel, money, family, food, pets, quirky & funny stuff and basically…

Living life, while the world spins at break neck speed!

UPCOMING SHOWS – Stay Tuned For Mid Info This Summer!!

Living On The Edge With Lisa Kitter

Living On The Edge With Lisa Kitter

– Join me this coming 11:00AM(PST)/2:00PM(EST) for the 1st Episode of “Living on the Edge with Lisa Kitter”! I’ll be introducing you to who I am, a little about my personal story and what you can expect from the show–including success tips, sales strategies, empowerment and personal growth tools.


  – Summer is upon us, and it’s the time of year, I’m most often approached for help with Health and Fitness. That’s why I am so excited about Episode #2 of “Living on the Edge with Lisa Kitter”! Join me Thursday, June 2nd 11:00AM(PST)/2:00PM(EST) where we will be covering health, wellness, nutrition and fitness goals and how to achieve them. I’ll introduce you to my special guest, Dale Wondisford, who will share some expertise and tell us about his unique 90 Day Fitness Challenge! *Spoiler Alert* He’ll be sharing a free giveaway to help jump start your new plan. unnamed


There’s so much more on the way, stay tuned in weekly…


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