Love Thyself By Lisa Kitter

“Love is the foundation of truth one can always rely upon.” Lisa Kitter

Trust and intention are the first ingredients necessary for manifesting your hearts desires. Loosely translated the word DESIRE does mean, “of the Father” or “of the light.” When you have a heart felt and sincere desire to accomplish, obtain or achieve, you are literally tapping into that side of yourself (the spiritual side) linked directly with ALL of creation.


Trusting is the quiet knowing that comes with belief that a force, greater than you, is at work to assist you with manifesting your most desired creation. You’re naturally trusting by nature however circumstances, education and environment can cause you to become distrustful of everything and everyone. It requires a tenacious attitude and a conscious effort to remember to trust once again. With trust, comes risk and with risk comes rewards.


When you trust and all turns out as you had planned, it’s a wonderful experience of success for you to attach yourself. When you trust and things don’t work out the exact way you had planned them, then it’s a new kind of trust that must be called upon. This level of trust is a level of knowing that all that happens is for your “highest good” and for more spiritual soul growth so there can be no bad to come of the situation or of the experience.


There is no such thing as good or bad, everything is simply an experience. Our beliefs, ego, feelings and impressions are what cause the situation to appear to be positive or negative. Your souls deepest desire is to experience every aspect of, “being.” The soul knows that by “being” it is “knowing of the human experience.” Knowing can only be gained by and through experience.


On the soul level, it is all bliss because all experience is a better understanding of the “being” occurrence; Otherwise known as the “human experience on planet earth.” The highly evolved Master understands that it (the life experience) can all be bliss, if we take it as an opportunity to remember and to grow by and to “become” more.


At our highest level of being, we know that love is the basis for all of life, in this Universe and far beyond. Love is the foundation of truth one can always rely upon. True, pure love can never be taken away or damaged or lost, in any way. Love at the highest level is so pure, so giving, so safe and secure that no other experience can compare to the unconditional love your soul remembers itself to be. You can be “in love” every moment of every day…not with someone else but with yourself!


Be in love” and see if everything goes better in your life. Be in love with you, all of you, physically, emotionally and spiritually! To be in love with oneself, is the greatest gift of ALL.


To experience personal love, acceptance and understanding is so very powerful and fulfilling; This is a place and space which allows us to completely be ourselves undefined, yet so clearly refined and at center, center being peace within and peace with all of mankind.

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Fall in love… with YOU!

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