The One Way You Can Turn Failure Into Success Now!

When Real Opportunity is Knocking

Opportunity is knocking...

…It’s time to answer!

Let’s Talk about the F Word.

I am calling on my Network Marketers and MLM’ers out there (and the potential ones!)…

I want to take a moment to talk to you about the F Word. You know we’ve all been there. But I can help you change it now!

That’s right…Failure.

You know what it’s like to sign up in a new business and get super excited thinking, “This is the one“! But it’s only to be left high and dry and feeling like the biggest fool in the world…

…. Because of another failed business. Or worse yet, to feel as though YOU failed again!


I’ve been there and I know how it feels.  So I know how embarrassing it is to face your spouse, family, friends and all they want to know is…

“So, when are you going to get a normal job and stop chasing these wild dreams of yours!”

Lisa office w phone at deskI’ll take you back to one point in my career where I sat down to phone 185 people, all of whom had been been in previous businesses with me or had been customers of mine…

Well one call after the next, they all said NO!

….And some even said No and Lose My Number!

Yikes! Well, Now What?

Hearing that hundreds of times, I mean talk about defeating. And yet, I continued on… and 6 people finally said YES! And you know what? As a result, those 6 people and I went on to earn Millions of Dollars.

Yes, that’s right. I just said Millions of Dollars!


www.workwithlisak.comConsequently, 20 years later, I can list 6 out of those 6 people right here now. Because we’re still good friends.

Ok so here’s where I’m going with this

Basically, today is a new beginning and it can be a fresh start for you and for your dreams and here’s why! I’m building a HUGE team again and I’m more excited than I’ve been in a VERY long time. Why? Because we have products people love and want, with results they can see super fast.

Get excited, because I’ve recently implemented a “foolproof”success system for you to follow, day by day. Here’s what you do next and here’s EXACTLY how you do it!

  • No More Guessing, Frustration, or Dependency On Your Sponsor
  • Go At Your Own Pace – Fast Or Slow
  • Commit At Least 10 Hours/Week To Your Business Activities

Since I’ve been in this profession for over 25 years I can say with confidence…this is an absolutely powerful and user friendly system that anyone can use and benefit from – Yes, even YOU!

I am calling on my Network Marketers and MLM’ers out there …

You don’t have to stay stuck.

Let’s talk today!

This can be your new beginning.

Let’s gameplan 2017 and create your Success Story!

I’d love to Coach You!

Any month, is a great month to be self employed!

$$$$ When I first had a 6-figure month, it was the month of December – For Real! $$$$

P.S. – You should know that proper training is the key between struggle and flow.

P.S.S. – Most importantly, I won’t need you to take out a 2nd on your house, max a credit card or borrow from Grandma to get started with coaching!

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Coaching with Lisa

Coaching with Lisa
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