The Smart Girl’s Guide to Home Business Success


Lisa shares with you a step-by-step approach for launching a home-based business and creating business results that you can be proud of….not only that but you can have a big fat bank account, plenty of food on the table and a future so bright, you’ll have to wear shades!

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Hey Smart Girls – Lisa Kitter has made this powerful ebook just for you!

Did you know Lisa was once 7 house payments behind and about to have her home foreclosed on?

Lisa couldn’t take her car out of the garage cause the repo man was always lurking around the corner ready to tow it away because she hadn’t made 3 months worth of car payments!

Her electricity had been shut off for non-payment and her Mom’s church took up a collection to get it turned back on again.

She sold all of her furniture in order to purchase leads for her business!

This broke single Mother decided to take matters into her own hands and start a home-based business once again AND this time she decided she wouldn’t quit until she had achieved a seven figure annual income… Yes, a million dollar income!

Today Lisa Kitter is highly respected and looked upon as an “Entrepreneurial Success Story!”

If you are thinking about starting your own home-based business or you already have one – Ladies, this is the book for you!

Here are a few of the great tips and “how to” steps in this fantastic book:

  • Setting Up Your Business for Success
  • Creating Your Road Map for Success
  • Why Self Acceptance Is So Important
  • The Facts about Your Mindset and Building Your Business
  • Self Employment is Leadership in ACTION

Plus so much more!

Order today & download your copy immediately!


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