I am prosperous happy & joyful – I manage my mind and I only see abundance in my life


The way of abundance is simple; you either are or you aren’t abundant. You’re either heading for lack or heading for abundance. There is no middle of the road on this subject. It’s truly black or white. The person with a “prosperity consciousness” and the person with a “poverty consciousness” are not walking on the same “mental” street, so to speak.

I used to say, “I never win anything.” Once I became aware of what my words were drawing to me I began to say, “I am a winner, I always win everything I go for!” Guess what gang, within one week of changing my thoughts, I suddenly won a $50.00 gift certificate for groceries, at a time when I desperately required money to buy food for my son, Mother and I.

That same week I won a turkey after entering a free drawing! Was this an accident? No way! I had applied for several credit cards during this same period of time, and I had been turned down by all of them. However, by miracle of miracles (or my thoughts) I received a credit card within a month of all of my other abundant surprises! I had $5.00 to my name when that credit card arrived! Needless to say I was so happy and I had to admit, that no matter what my future held I was going to make a conscious decision to draw only good things to myself by managing my mind!

If this set of examples doesn’t at least begin to encourage you that you do have complete control over your current situation, I don’t know what will.

Master your mind and you master your world!

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