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Lisa’s Prospecting with Posture is one of my all time favorite audio trainings. What I learned from Lisa, has made me millions of dollars in Network Marketing.

-Aaron Rashkin


I struggled in network marketing and life in general, it was hearing the audio series “Prospecting with Posture” by Lisa Kitter that changed my results immediately! After five years with no success, that single audio series was “my awakening!”

– Mike Dillard, Attraction Marketing

Lisa Kitter is known throughout the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Industry as the Queen of Big Thinking.

After several years of going through the emotional ups and downs that this industry can bring, Lisa discovered the Keys to Massive Success in Network Marketing. In her 2 hr audio program, Prospecting With Posture, Lisa will generously share those Keys with you.

Don’t expect any long-winded fluff here, just plain and everyday common sense ideas that can generate wealth for you and your family.

Jerry “Dr Rhino” Clark, Club Rhino

AngelaDillonBeing at a stand still in my business, Lisa Kitter got me moving. She has been such a great inspiration to me and my growth on a physical and mental state in my Nerium business but more importantly in every day life. Her motivation to find the deep passions and the gifts I have was a turning point for me. Her skills of helping me overcome my challenges and bringing out my true inner self was such a blessing. Thank you so much Lisa and I am so glad I had the courage to pick up the phone and call. You made all the difference!

– Angela Dillon

SteveTinaMillerBefore hiring Lisa Kitter as our business coach, we were new to network marketing and a bit overwhelmed, frustrated & lost. After just a few coaching sessions, Lisa quickly taught us Prospecting with Posture by leveraging skills, experience and accomplishments we obtained from previous careers. Lisa has also helped to create the framework of effective verbiage to anchor in the element of posturing. As a result, we are now sharing our talents with others and building a legacy business we are proud of!!!

– Steve & Tina Miller

I am so fired up!

Before hiring Lisa Kitter to be my Business Success Coach– I was struggling in my business. I was searching for a way to help build a dynamic team. I had the passion and desire I just didn’t have the know-how. Since working with Lisa my business has literally doubled in one month’s time. I now have the privilege of working with Dynamic leaders, people who are coachable, teachable, passionate about their business & love helping others.

Lisa Kitter was truly a game changer in my life as well as my business. I would recommend her to anyone who is striving to be successful within their business, who is excited about growing and helping others and who is coachable and willing to learn by implementing her amazing techniques.

– LaKisha “Ki-Ki” Collins

Dianne NisslePersonal Image Consultant, SpeakerI have learned so much from you during my Business Coaching Sessions. The two most important helps from you is that you hold me accountable. I need someone to report back to. This helps me each week to put my business first; as I so often get pulled away from my own goals assisting others! Second, it is great to discuss business ideas with you and hear your suggestions as to what works well compared to what does not work so well.

This has been a fabulous experience for me! It is like you are my business partner! Thank you, Lisa! I have recommended you to many others and will continue to do so!

– Dianne Curtis Nissle

SandraCestaLisa is an amazing coach. From the first session where she gets to know you, how you think, and what’s important to you through to the last session, she listens to the unspoken meaning in what you say. She is able to help you translate that meaning to better understand yourself and what really is important. And throughout, you remain connected as though your subconscious is talking. What you find is a friend who wants only the best for you.

– Sandra Cesta

My business is growing and so is my team. I am grateful for the knowledge, wisdom, and guidance I am receiving from coaching with Lisa Kitter. Her training and advice is always on point and yields positive outcomes when applied. Lisa Kitter shared the 3-way calling strategy technique, and let me tell you, since using this strategy, my team and I have been closing several deals. (Both Preferred Customers & Business Partner’s).

– Curtis P Louis

laura-morrisLisa was an instrumental force in teaching me how to handle prospects over the phone confidently. She called me out on a live prospecting call one day and coached me through calling some of my leads. I made HUGE growth from that day forward. I also bought Lisa’s Prospecting course “Prospecting with Posture” and became a rock star recruiter over the phone! The phone is my area of expertise, and I know that early training had something to do with it.

– Laura Morris

JamesYoungI was drawn to Lisa as a coach because of her positive energy. When we began our coaching sessions I was shocked. As no one had ever listened to me so intently or questioned me so deeply about my life and beliefs. Lisa is an outstanding coach and an authentic and extremely insightful person.

Our weekly coaching sessions help me to find clarity in my life and the confidence to grow. Lisa is totally professional, a person who I have a high regard for and respect. I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a world class coach.

– James Young

KentBradyI first met Lisa at an event in Acapulco. She had a very compelling story of how she overcame challenges and was able to reach success in her life. Lisa has an ability to empower everybody who reaches out to her. Her energy is contagious! She inspires all who have a reason to better their lives and she has had a significant positive impact in my life.

– Kent Brady

ChristyLee(1)Lisa Kitter has been my business coach for several years now. I am incredibly blessed to be able to work with Lisa because she knows her stuff. Lisa has been in the Network Marketing industry and a business coach for over 20 years. She has guided me through my initial steps with a network marketing company to now creating a vision for my own business. Lisa has taught me how to have confidence and posture in business as well as how to create a motivated team and close a sale. But I am truly grateful to Lisa for helping me to realize my vision, find my purpose and show me how to really live my life out loud! Thank you Lisa!

– Christy Lee

JohnDunhamI like your “tough love” approach Lisa. For many, maybe even most it would do wonders. I hope those that have access to your training take it in the spirit it is intended. It may be tough, but in the end it really is love. Your insights and the contributions you share with all of us are real gems developed over a long journey. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do in this field of personal development and training. Blessings, Joy and Peace always.

– Jon Dunham

DougAllgoodFor me, the name Lisa Kitter is synonymous with words like- genuine, authentic, caring, appreciative, real and competent. She’s a true leader in every sense of the word. Humble but capable, kind hearted but firm when necessary. She motivates and inspires with tremendous enthusiasm. She’s an open-minded business partner, whom I’m proud to call a friend!

– Doug Allgood

MaryGWhen I met Lisa I immediately felt welcomed as part of her team. She has inspired me in so many ways. Being one of the most competent and positive entrepreneurs that I have known, I continue to enjoy her knowledge in the industry. She delivers valuable trainings with awesome energy, be it on stage, on team calls or just hanging out with her at events. Between her joyful outlook on life and her amazing experience she ROCKS the home business profession!

– Mary G

My first encounter with Lisa Kitter was a funny one that we still laugh about today, 20 years later! She called me after I inquired about a business. I signed up under Lisa in that business and we became friends. One thing that has stuck with me over all these years and I still do today after learning it from Lisa, is when I would call her and ask how she was doing, she would always answer with a cheerful voice: “I’m awesome!” I learned from Lisa that “awesome is a choice” and we can choose to be awesome or we can choose to be miserable!

Even after we both left that original company, we have worked together off and on over the years. Most recently I called Lisa needing some coaching and feedback about a career change. She always assists me in seeing the big picture and I made the big leap into my new position as CEO and the opportunity to lead others into AWESOMENESS!

I’m forever grateful for that phone call I got over 20 years ago when the person on the other line said, “Can I speak to Harvey!” LOL! Lisa has been my mentor, my coach and a great friend to me! I wouldn’t want to “do life” without Lisa in it and I’m so thankful for her AWESOME self!

– Barbie Johnson

KathleenPagniniWhat can I say about Lisa Kitter other than she Rocks! I hired Lisa 15 years ago when I was part of a multilevel marketing company…my goal was to have a $10,000 month and she helped me hit that goal!

I was not only drawn to her energy but she has an intuitiveness that will ‘jump start’ YOU, that would take someone else ‘months’ to figure out! She KNOWS what she’s doing!

I highly recommend Lisa if you need a little push in your biz, if you want to make more money or if you just want to feel better about yourself!! You will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly she is able to understand and then coach you through your challenges towards prosperity.

Today, Lisa is my friend, my confidant and my business partner! I love this woman and you will too!! No more shopping around.. You’ve got Lisa!!

– Kathleen Pagnini

KevinVincentThere’s a billion dollar company out there that finally recognized the power of the Internet about 16 years ago and, in particular, the power of women who wanted to be stay at home moms. The company was flat-lining and their sudden rebirth was due, in part, to the dynamic coaching of one Lisa Kitter and the hundreds and hundreds of leaders she helped to create in that company. LK is da best!

– Kevin Vincent

KeithMasonI have known Lisa Kitter for more than 15 Years and during that time I have found her to be a genuine, honest and outstanding Coach and friend, in a time when anyone and everyone is a “Coach” Lisa is the real deal she has started at the bottom and reached the top in everything she does. I would, without hesitation, recommend her for your business coaching needs.

– Keith Mason

Scott-MallisThank you for coaching me in 2000-2002 years (hopefully this does not make both feel old)…got so much from your sessions, workshops and friendship. My financial success per se never came from network marketing, it came from an expanded prosperity consciousness and that is one of the main things I learned with you. I just used a different vehicle (real estate), but the prosperity mindset was the same…I was a ready student and you were one of the teachers who appeared.

– Scott Malis

MarkGleemanI met Lisa when I was brand new to the direct sales industry. Not long after I started with that company, my enroller left and I felt alone with nowhere to turn for any kind of help or guidance. I reached out to Lisa because I saw that she was one of the top leaders and income earners, and THAT is where I knew I would be one day.

I clearly remember to this day saying to her….”I know you don’t know me other than brief chats, and we are not financially tied in any way, however if you are willing to guide and support me with three ways and mentorship now, once I figure all this out and get on a roll I will be happy to be your first go to person for help with 3 ways,training and whatever you need with your organization. She took me on. She truly cared about me and others. This is why I truly believe she became so successful.

Once she became a coach and trainer, I watched her rise to the top quickly. I was NOT letting her out of my world, so I had her train for my organizations and coach me and has been one of my role models that I have followed through the years. To this day I apply what she has taught me in running my business and my personal life and will forever be grateful.

– Marc Gleeman

Viola-TamWhen I first listened to your MLM journey, I was impressed with the CRYSTAL clear direction that you were going. Your going from being emotionally attached to the outcome to such a successful network marketer is empowering!

I shall surely continue to spread the message of empowerment. The Network Marketing industry allows an average individual to be transformed in an amazing way! What you have shared in your training material can definitely create ripple effects!

– Viola Tam

TraciTrezonaLisa Kitter is an incredible coach. The best I have worked with. She is honest, an incredible communicator and works WITH you, not for you. Lisa coached me through a challenging time in my business, which she helped me turn around and I am forever grateful for her guidance. There are hundreds, if not thousands of “coaches” out there making huge promises and who under deliver.

I will tell you working with Lisa will be one of the best decisions you will make. When our coaching session had come to an end, I thought, “Well this is it. I probably won’t hear much after this.” So NOT the case. Lisa continued to check in and see how I was doing! That made such an impression on me. Thank you Lisa, for everything!

Traci Trezona

Coaching with Lisa was one of the best things I could have done for myself. Lisa helped me to organize and set realistic goals in all areas of my life. More importantly, Lisa enabled me to discover who I am, what makes me tick and what are the best methods for me personally to achieve my goals. Lisa has the gift of working with individuals and assisting them in finding their hidden treasures.

This allowed me to achieve my goals with confidence. With Lisa’s extensive business experience and expertise, she can pinpoint the areas of need for individuals and exercise those needs to grow them into skills you can use for a lifetime. The time spent with Lisa has been life changing with information and skills gained that I draw on every day.

– Maryann Rhodey, NTP

“Lisa can empower you to step out and step into your full potential. She is the queen of personal development and she has a heart of gold.”

~ Greg Dwyer



There are people that come in and out of our lives, and sometimes they make a difference. Lisa Kitter is one of those difference makers.

Over the past 15+ years Lisa has been a friend, a coach, a sounding board and an inspiration. Always leading by example, open about her own challenges, sharing her personal history to guide others to experience their own personal transformation.

In this fast paced, ever changing world we live in, I can count on Lisa to provide effective counsel or a good old fashioned kick in the pants. She’s “been there, done that” and brings that wealth of real world experience to the stage and her coaching.

~ David Martin, Master Performance Coach

I became aware of Lisa Kitter around 2011. Then I met her at an event in Chicago by happenstance. We were seated next to each other. I kid you not!

As you can see I am a trucker in real life. But I have been trying to learn more about social media and network marketing.

Lisa knows her stuff. I value her knowledge and she is my “go to” person of choice, when I need advice and counseling! I trust Lisa!

~ Teresa Almoney

Lisa is a straight forward, loving and an inspiring coach, who truly wants to help her clients succeed. The best indicator for me, that her coaching has helped is when I found myself saying “YES! Lisa would be so proud of me right now!”

Thank you, Lisa, for motivating me to grow and be a better version of my true Self.

~ Erin Szokol

Lisa Kitter is knowledgeable when it comes to teaching network marketers how to recruit and grow their teams. With her 25 plus years in the industry, she is the best coach to teach people the MLM business. She not only will motive you but she will also provide practical ways to run your business too. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to create a 100k/yr home based business.

~ Kimberly O’Bannon


What can I say about Lisa that hasn’t already been said? She is one of the most fantastic team builders I’ve ever known and worked with. And she works WITH you. She doesn’t just throw something at you and move on like some others I’ve known.

She has a passion for success. Your success! Thanks again Lisa for helping me in so many ways.

~ Bruce Venable

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