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Lisa has been a home business professional since 1985 and full time in the direct sales, network marketing profession since 1995. You may have recognized Lisa’s name, she is often referred to as “The Queen of Thinking Big” or “The Prospecting With Posture Lady!” Her very first audio training series was released in 1998 and was titled “Prospecting With Posture,” it continues to be a best seller, with timeless sales strategies and tips. Lisa’s passion is inspiring, empowering and teaching other home business professionals, network marketers and entrepreneurs, how to achieve more happiness, prosperity, peace of mind and time freedom… all while having fun!

As an empowerment speaker, Lisa speaks candidly about her humble beginnings, being raised in Alaska, without running water or electricity. She gives us an interesting perspective of what it was like, to become a single Mom at age 18 and the many challenges she overcame, while using her son Brenden as her life-long inspiration.

After years of struggle, while pursuing her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur success story, Lisa finally achieved her goal of an annual seven figure income, working from her home office, by the age of forty.
Lisa At Her Home Office


Lisa doesn’t claim to be an overnight success, she admits to having had to learn network marketing “the hard way.” If you have heard your fair share of no’s, had people hang up on you, slam the door in your face and family members laugh at your dreams… then you will be in good company with Lisa!

When you’re down to your last dollar, high on personal achievement or at one of the lowest points in your life, Lisa is the person you will most appreciate having in your corner.

She has been to the top of Success Mountain and back to the bottom… more than a few times. Lisa knows what it takes to achieve personal and financial success and she is quick to point out that the right business choices, vision and personal discipline required, in order to maintain a healthy, happy life.

As a speaker, Lisa is highly inspiring, and uses quick-witted humor to get her powerful message across. She has the ability to deliver her message, in such a way, as to give you the feeling that she is speaking directly to you. She empathizes with what you are going through and she knows how to best support you, so that you are empowered to move beyond your circumstances and achieve your personal best!

Lisa uses real life stories, to assist her audience in seeing themselves achieving many of their long awaited goals and dreams. Lisa’s tough love, no nonsense, passionate and often hilarious approach to overcoming life’s many obstacles, has made her a favorite speaker for women’s groups, entrepreneur audiences, network marketers and direct sales people.

If personal empowerment, inspired leadership and a passion for excellence is what you’re seeking, Lisa Kitter is the personal coach, trainer, speaker for you! Lisa has authored or co-authored numerous self improvement, home-business, and spiritual empowerment audio programs, articles and books. She is the founder of Stiletto Marketing and Empower You Now Publishing  .

Lisa always believes in the power of giving back and teaching other valuable and essential business success tips with current and aspiring home business owners.

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Lisa Kitter is committed to assisting you to achieve abundance in your professional and personal life, through personal coaching/mentoring, sales training and empowerment workshops.

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